Abe's classic car parts Proudly servering you since 2000


The company was started on a whim in 1995 with the purchase of some vintage car parts at an auction. In 2000. I perched my first classic car. A 49 NASH. After looking extensively for some parts. I decided to purchase some donor cars so I could restore my NASH. Then I purchased a 40 WILLYS. Again looking for some parts. Now my NASH is restored. I have some parts left over. So I started selling NASH parts. In cruising with my NASH. I found that you could not see my brake lights. So I installed LEDs. After checking with other car people that had the same problem. So I got started selling LEDs. Its easy to find LEDs for the normal classic car FORD,CHEVY and so on. So I decided to market and sell LEDs for the ORPHAN cars. If you cant find LEDs for your car. Call and I will try to manufacture them for your make, model & year car. All our LEDs have circuite boards that will last the life time of your car. We need to be seen and safe out there. Happy cruising .